About Lavender

At Lavender Restyle Market our mission statement is “casual living redefined.”  This to us means that first, you should LOVE everything in your home.  You should have items that are objects of interest with a good story to tell.  They are fresh, fun, and sometimes full of humor. 

Brie cheese with glass blown champagne glasses and grapes

Your home should have a beautiful function.  It should work for you, your family, and your lifestyle.  For example, our restyled upholstered pieces are restyled with perennial performance linen, which creates not only a beautiful piece - but is still practical for you and your family.   Most importantly, shopping for your home should be a thoughtful process… and our hope is that we provide the space for you to do so.

When you walk in to Lavender, the goal is that you find something that you’ve never seen before.    Our items are hand picked, crafted, and curated with care and a passion for what we do.  These pieces could be a european antique work bench that is perfect for your entry way, an authentic French wine tasting table that adds just the right style, or a restyled dresser that was created from something old and refreshed in to something new for your nursery. 

Sustainability is a also huge focus at Lavender.  We believe that if something is made with care, it should be cared for in return.  That being said, most items found are reclaimed wood, salvaged iron, recycled glass, and vintage items.  There are many items in our space that are classic pieces that we have mixed with new, modern, trendy items as well. 

So no matter what your style, we are here for you.